Tuesday Morning Musings [Working on Labor Day]

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the U.S. That usually means a day off from school, work and “labor” to remember and acknowledge the progressive state of workers rights and appreciate those who serve us during the week.


For people in the food service industry…that means a holiday weekend of craziness!

Yesterday my day began at 7:30AM which is kind of early for me to begin working. My boss actually asked me if I would be willing to open a couple mornings a week and I blatantly said NO WAY! I opened the last time I worked at CTB. This involved getting to work at 6:15 AM running at 4:15AM and having no social life because I go to bed at 8. I did not like that and I enjoy the later shifts much more. I am more willing to stay later if help is needed and I know I am good at the swing shift.

I digress.

It was really slow until about 9AM…then we got hit. Hit hard. There were lines constantly until about 3PM when I finally escaped to do dishes [I HATE doing dishes, but it’s amazing how serene they are when you’ve been working with people all day]. My supervisor called in because her girlfriend’s grandmother died and so my boss asked if I would stay later than my scheduled leave time [4PM]. I said of course I would, I love my job, I had the next day [today] off and I would never say no to more money.

Needless to say we had a couple more rushes and I ended up slicing the side of my hand. I was successful in my quest not to burn myself when I washed the melter and ended up getting everything done, prepped and washed [with my other co-workers of course] and left at 7:00PM feeling like I left the store in good hands.


That is another reason I like mid shift. I come in and it’s crazy busy and messy, but by the time I leave, it’s cleaned up and peaceful. I like the feeling that I’ve helped the store achieve balance.

The only bad thing about working for that long was time spend on my feet. My right foot is still swollen a bit and I was unable to sit with my feet up and reduce the inflammation. I guess that’s what I’ll do today! On a positive note, my run today felt good so I think I’ll sign up for a race this Sunday. I just need to decide whether to do the 5 or the 10 miler…oh the possibilities!



Did you work on Labor Day?



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