T.O.L. 3 Ingredient Cookie Dough [Vegan, of course!]

Thursday are for Thinking Out Loud


Kudos to Amanda over at Running With Spoons both for the link-up and for her post yesterday about the products she’s loved this past year. A couple I also use and totally recommend and a few I’m going to look into during my next shopping trip. Those Greek Yogurt Banana muffins look tempting! I think I’ll try making them with coconut milk Greek yogurt and see how the results are πŸ™‚


I’veΒ been thinking a lot about this crazy “dessert/snack balls” trend happening on basically every blog and social media foodie platform. I think it’s a great way to have a nutrient dense delicious snack during the day or during a workout. That was my intention when making these three-ingredient spherical edibles.

I am also a believer in making desserts have some type of nutrient in them besides a dense source of energy. That is how my three ingredient balls [original recipe above] became a five ingredient nutrient powerhouse of awesome. By adding the two types of seeds, I get some great omega-3s and fiber along with a nice crunchy texture. This recipe can be doubled obviously for more balls, but I happened to only have a half cup of dates left in my cupboard, so I had to make due.

I hope you enjoy!

Five Ingredient Cookie Dough Powerballs

1/2 c pitted dates

1/2 c walnuts

1 T chia seeds

1 T flax seeds

1/3 c cacao chips

Combine the first four ingredients in a food processor. Blend for about five minutes or until ingredients start to come together. Once incorporated, pour our onto a flat surface and “knead” in cacao chips. Roll into balls, bars or cookies. Serve immediately or refrigerate to store. I have not tried just leaving them out like a granola bar so I’m not sure how that would work.

cookie dough balls

Happy Thursday!



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