T.O.L. Ben Greenfield Fitness mentions ME!

Yo Amanda, gracias for the link-up!


Last night I had the most wonderful surprise! I frequently listen to the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast while working out or when walking around town doing errands. The structure of Ben’s podcasts loosely follow a structure of newsflashes, special announcements and listener questions. A couple of weeks ago while on my LSD run of the week, my left eye was running tears continuously. It was only in that left eye and just a slow stream, not salty or anything annoying, just different. This happened again a couple times in later runs. I tweeted Ben on twitter asking what the deal could be. He tweeted me back saying it would be a good podcast questions so I should call it in.


This was about a month ago and I forgot I had sent in my call. Ben has also been away at a SEAL fit training camp so the past few weeks podcasts were interview styled as he could not record.

seal fit

Well, his new podcast came out yesterday and I went to the show notes page to see what he talks about this week. Lo and behold was MY QUESTION! Immediately I turned on the podcast and skipped ahead to my question. There is was! My nasally voice asking the question, raving about the book and even singing my praises. It was a bit embarrassing because I forgot that when I get excited I sing my words…

After they played my question there was a longish pause and I thought they were laughing at my singing…but it turned out Ben got a leg cramp during my question and he was massaging it out.

So my voice caused physical pain…awesome.

He did answer my question saying it is probably seasonal allergies and I could try a product called “artificial tears”.


I think I should also try a product called learning how to speak. I sounded like I had something up my nose =-X

If your so interested, listen to his podcast! There’s tons of fitness, health and lifestyle information. It’s constructed around the science basis of many things and a lot of what he speaks about are a bit extreme for my lifestyle [like buying blue lights for his bedroom to help get better sleep or wearing an altitude training mask to help power the lungs] but other things like deep breathing and foam rolling techniques are really helpful.


I might be biased because I did work on his book for him…which you should buy…because it’s awesome.


Do you listen to podcasts?

Have you every called into a show?


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