[Fall]ing into colder weather

“This place smells like Christmas!”

“Um…it’s supposed to smell like fall…”

So went the conversation outside Wegmans a couple days ago. Outside the store was a display of pumpkins, wreaths and fall decorations that smelled like cinnamon. After I took in the whole picture [smells and view], indeed I got a fall flavor. My automatic thought was horror! It cannot be almost Christmas! I HATE the cold weather!

Don’t misunderstand, snow is beautiful, the smells, tastes and warm fuzzies associated with fall and winter are great. I just hate the cold, especially if I am underdressed for it. This year I’ve decided to embrace the season rather than dread it’s coming. I cannot prevent it and considering last year we had a span of two weeks with negative degree weather, I’m going to take an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” approach.

Yesterday’s weather maxed out at 65 and this morning I woke up to rain and 50 degrees. I officially consider it fall because the coming week is more of the same. Today I want to highlight the beautiful things about fall and cold weather and just some other things I’ve been enjoying lately.

1.) The Ithaca Apple Festival

apple festival

2.) Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Spice Lattes [NOW WITH ALMOND MILK!]


3.) Leggings


4.) THICK stew and soup


5.) The Ithaca Chili and Chowder cook-off/Winter festival

chili cookoff winterfestival

6.) A warm snuggle in bed


7.) Reason to stay inside and read

Cable blog post 1

8.) Playing more cards and mate!

cards mate

9.) Wegman’s crunchy almond butter

almond butter

10.) Flannel

workselfie smile! flannel

What are your favorite things about fall?

How do you cope with cold weather?


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