T.O.L. Running rambling

Oh hey girl! Today is T.O.L.


Today I am three days from my half marathon in Rochester, NY. This morning I did a longish run of about eleven miles on the treadmill. I wanted to be able to keep my speed at a reasonable level and also not get stuck someplace if my foot started hurting or something.

rochester marathon

I completed the miles pretty comfortably (as comfortable as you can be staring at a wall/TV not directed towards me) and feel good about Sunday. I think I’m going to cross-train till the race and just have fun. I am running with a friend who thinks she’s slower than me. I don’t know why she thinks this as we’ve never run together before but I digress. After being pleased with how I did in the ten miler I raced a couple weeks ago, I put any standards for this half marathon away. I don’t really care how I do because the fact that I love racing and running is good enough for me.


My relaxed attitude toward this race makes me wonder how elites do it. How do they always need to get better each race? How do they fuel that fire to never be satisfied? I know I want to still finish the race (in a reasonable time only for the fact that I have to work that afternoon) but I will be satisfied with whatever happens.

elite running

Sometimes I think it would be fun to be a professional athlete. Especially after a great run or workout or a much needed day off from work. I convince myself that I would be happy just doing that my whole life. Then I get bored on my day off and look forward to going back to work with my coworkers. I really love my job and find that running compliments, not completes, my life.


Yesterday I heard a quote that said something likeย success isn’t making it to the top in life, it’s about living your passions. The truly “successful” people have found a way to make a living off their passion. I do love running, but it’s not my passion. I love my job and doing research, but I’m not sure if they are my passions. However, recently I’ve come to realize that doing all these things together makes me really happy.


I don’t think someone has to have a singular passion as long as their life is passionate.




  1. Good luck with your marathon, Ellie!! Have fun with your friend!

    I love the last point you made, how someone doesn’t have to have ONE passion, but that many all together can make you happy!

  2. Sooo you’re pretty fast, I can see why your friend would think she is slower. HA! You will do great in the race, when the pressure is off for me I always do better! I don’t know how you ran 11 miles on the treadmill though, I would surely die.

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