Fall flavors [Vanilla Cinnamon OIAJ]

Well it’s about that time [temperature] of year again. I begin to look for warmer and savory breakfasts that feature flavors reminding me of fall.

We all know what I am talking about.




Sweet Potato


fall flavors

We also all know the greatest [easiest] way to incorporate these flavors into a morning routine.



Served warm on a frosty morning or cold alongside a cup of tea, oats become my favorite way to fuel after my morning workouts. They are great because they have a high flavor profile potential. Basically, you can put them with anything. Sweet, savory or plain they are my favorite fall breakfast.

This morning debuts my fall into the season breakfast series. I plan to try to make as many variations of oats as the season will allow. I will keep the base the same, but vary the components of flavors to soak up as much fall fun as I can. Without further ado…

Vanilla Cinnamon Oats [with Walnuts]

Fall, Van Cinn OIAJ

1/2 cup steel cut (or quick cooking) oats

1 cup vanilla almond milk

3T vanilla soy protein powder (can be omitted but I would add some other type of sweetener instead)

1T cinnamon

1T chopped walnuts

Pour oats, cinnamon and protein powder into a jar, stir just till combined. Add the cup of milk and stir till well mixed. Stir in the walnuts. Refrigerate overnight. In the morning, this can be eaten hot or cold. Just make sure your jar is microwave safe!

Fall, Van Cinn OIAJ2



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