Recent eats and some effective activism

Recent Eats:

Pumpkin cookie dough oatmeal.

pumpkin cookie dough oats

Like crack. Seriously.

Stuffed grape leaves.

grape leaves

I have no idea what are in these delicious packages of joy, but I was in complete Greek heaven! [No yogurt required!]

Just Mayo.

just mayo

This is more of a recent purchase because I have not tried it yet. Traditionally I have hated mayo with every ounce of my soul. When I was kid I wouldn’t eat my sandwich if my mom accidentally put mayo on it. I hated egg salad, tuna fish or anything that had too much mayo. However, I recently listened to a podcast featuring a review of a couple vegan mayo alternatives which made this product sound enticing. Normally I make dips with coconut yogurt as the base and it works for me. This small jar was only a dollar and shelf stable so I figured I would try it in the future. Any recipes would be greatly appreciated!

It makes me feel truly blessed to be an effective advocate for veganism and animal rights. There is a very large stigma that eating a plant-based and cruelty-free diet is boring, plain and lacking in flavor. I find this to be completely false considering the websites I’ve found and the recipes I’ve created myself using few ingredients and taking help from foods that are so flavorful and naturally vegan [fruits, peanut butter etc.]


This past week I made five ingredient vegan blondies both for myself but also as a thank you gift to my friend an co-worker for all the zucchini she has given me this past summer. When I gave them to her, she was more than excited! She has been struggling with energy levels, family stress and having just watched the movie Vegucated, her ethical choices. Because I am a vegan, she gratefully accepted the blondies because she knew they would be made with quality ingredients and although not a health food, at least not laden with chemicals. She also shared them with all my other co-workers and they got rave reviews. I think tasty treats is a great was to spread the vegan lifestyle and make it seem manageable for everyone to go cruelty-free.

That’s all I’ve got for today! I have some changes in my research project which will be divulged later once I find out what my next step is.




  1. I know what you mean about mayo! I grew up eating tuna sandwiches with mayo, but went through a phase were mayo geeked me out for some reason. When I first started blogging, I was kind of obsessed with mayo…. like I would dip shrimp (and just my finger) in a jar because I loved it so much, haha!!

    I bet that brand of mayo is amazing! I usually buy regular ol’ Hellman’s or whatever is in the store, but I’ve also heard of Veganise. Maybe you could try that some time, too!

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