Banana’s Foster 7-Grain Overnight Cereal

Wow what a long recipe title! I think I got in all in there…

Two days ago I was given a bunch of overripe bananas from my work. I don’t have much freezer space so I could only freeze about two of them for smoothies or banana bread so I had to get creative on how to use them up (I had just bought bananas the day before, luckily they were greenish). I have been trying to eat oatmeal and other cereals for breakfast lately so I searched the good old Pinterest machine for a couple new creative banana recipes.

I have never had bananas foster before so I figured I could not strike out on something I’ve no experience with. This recipe used up three of the bananas and a good portion of this 7 Grain Hot Cereal from Bob’s Red Mill that I’ve had for about a half year. I seem to forget I have it and then never make it. The recipe turned out pretty good taste-wise. The texture reminds me of a pudding more than a thicker oat recipe. I think that had to do with using the different grain.

Without further ado…

Banana’s Foster 7-Grain Overnight Cereal

1c Bob’s Red Mill 7-grain hot cereal

2c almond milk

2T flax seed

3 overly ripe bananas sliced

1t coconut oil

2t brown sugar

2t vanilla

1t cinnamon

In a medium sauce pan heat up the oil and sautΓ© the bananas, vanilla, brown sugar and cinnamon. In a Tupperware container good for your fridge, mix together hot cereal and flax seed. Stir in almond milk (use less if you want a thicker consistency). Once the banana mixture is caramelized and pasty, add it to the cereal. Mix together well and store in the fridge overnight.




In the morning, spoon into bowls and top with whatever you want! I topped mine with hemp seeds after reading about the high protein and nutritional content and delicious taste.





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