National Coffee Day in pictures

As anyone who works at a coffee shop knows, yesterday was National Coffee Day. Coincidentally, I was fortunate enough to have the day off! I was happy to not have to explain to customers all day that no they do not get a free coffee, they can have any size for the price of a small etc etc etc…

I enjoyed my day offΒ as I normally do. I cook and prep veggies for the week nights meals and snacks. I bought a Swiss army chopping knife last week and it is probably the best thing I own. It slices produce like butter. I had a huge zucchini to tackle yesterday and this knife made it so easy. I ended up making zucchini hashbrown fritters and salt and vinegar zucchini chips. Yum!


I then left my apartment to eat lunch in the cafΓ© at my local Wegmans. The weather was absolutely beautiful! The leaves are turning orange but the seventy degrees says we are still holding onto the last bit of summer. I had to take a picture of this tree (next to construction of course!)


My coffee at Wegmans was fifty cents cheaper yesterday and I got a blend of pumpkin spice, vanilla and Columbian. All decaf of course. I love the taste of coffee but do not want to foster a caffeine dependency. I used to get headaches…I digress πŸ™‚ At Wegmans they are also featuring other fall items. I was more than thrilled to purchase this Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk. I cannot wait to make overnight oats with this!!!


On my walk home I saw something I could not believe! Dunkin’ Donuts was CLOSED! ON NATIONAL COFFEE DAY?!!? Seriously!?! Ever since they got almond milk, I had been trying to plan a coffee date there with one of my friends and planned to do it that afternoon…nope, not till October 4th will the renovations be done. Bummer 😦


To end my wonderful day off, my friend Jill invited me to an Irish pub for dinner. It was great to finally fully catch up after working together for three months. She got fish and chips, I got a stuffed potato pancake with apple slaw. It was DELICIOUS!

How did you spend National Coffee Day?


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