T.O.L. Remembering the music in my past

Hey Amanda thanks for the link-up!


Who remembers the Jonas Brothers? It seems as if they dropped off the face of the planet after Kevin got married and Nick had a solo album. I actually remember the scandals between Nick and Miley Cyrus wishing it would be a happily ever after and not forseeing the twerk in Miley’s future. I also remember Camp Rock with Demi Lovato before she went to rehab and also rooting for her and Joe’s relationship. Why did I always want all the Disney characters to end up together. Whether it was Lizzie and Gordo or Kim and Ron I wanted a happy ending. I think the Jo Bros even had a show for a little while until Kevin got married and had a baby. What drew me to them was their good morals and faith. They may have dropped off the face of the earth, but at least we did not have to excommunicate them to Canada like the Beibs. I think they need to get the band back together.




Another show that saw a bit of success and I actually enjoyed watching was The Glee Project. It was like Dancing with the Stars meets the Voice meets Dance-off [MTV a few years ago]. Again I kept hoping the cast members would get together. My favorite of season one was Alex because he was just the greatest diva ever. I remember only watching the next season of Glee because I knew he would be on it. The other characters were all really good too because they had to be. There was no room for lip synching or faking it. I never was fully on the Glee bandwagon quite honestly because it bored me. This show was more exciting and got my adrenaline up because it felt more like real life than the show. Quality reality TV there [that might be an oxymoron].

glee project2


Yesterday my boss said the Beatles are overrated and my co-worker almost had a melt down. I’m not sure why every time I recount this story I want to laugh except that my boss is so laid back and she said it so casually the fact that my co-worker got so mad was really out of context. Sure, I think the Beatles were great but I’m also not exactly the musical standard. Having no music on my IPod means I probably do not know quality music. Obviously there is some deep connection in the relationship my co-worker has with the Beatles. My boss prefers classic rock which is on my bandwagon too. Sometimes I feel I’m missing out not being so into music, other times I’m glad I do not have such a passion for it. Everyone has their own opinions and liking some band offends another. It’s quite pointless. Put it on the Christmas station already!

What is your favorite type….ok I don’t really care…

Did you watch the Jonas Brother’s show?

I think they were called “Gleeks”. Were you a fan of either Glee or The Glee Project? Is it still on?



  1. Christmas station! YES! I’m very much ready to start singing Deck the Halls πŸ˜€ And I can’t actually recall ever listening to much of the Jonas Brothers… or even watching Glee. And at this point I’m pretty sure the Biebs is holing up in Mexico. Even us Canadians don’t want him anymore…

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