Life Lately: The Apple Fest and my leaking ceiling

Wow the past weekend flew by! I have been working so much that every second I have to myself I’m either listening to my online class lecture, sleeping or eating. This past weekend was the annual Ithaca Apple Festival held downtown. Conveniently, one of the roads blocked off for the event resides outside CTB. We were hit my friends…hit very hard.

The festival started at noon Friday, Saturday and Sunday meaning people wanted breakfast before enjoying all the seasonal activities. It was also parent’s weekend at Ithaca College bringing more people to the area. I love all the people and the seasonal flair of the city. CTB is debuting apple cinnamon and pumpkin bagels in addition to French toast, and flavored drinks like the Chapple and Pumpkin Spice latte. The busiest day was Sunday. The lines began early and never stopped. I took orders for five hours until my boss sent me on break. It proceeded to be the shortest half hour of my life consisting of stuffing food into my mouth while trying to relax. The funny thing was, at no point did I get stressed out or feel like I was going to lose it. At the end I was exhausted and ready to go home, but it was a good exhausted.

When I got home more adventures ensued. My floor was soaked and my ceiling had a leak. I called the emergency maintenance and they came three hours later. The guy proceeded to tell me the bathroom above me had plumbing issues and my overhead light was completely filled with water. He got a ladder and a bucket and attempted to puncture the covering to drain the water. Well the cover in plastic so the whole he tried to make came off in a chunk. All of a sudden, a tsunami of water dumped onto my floor because it missed his bucket [stupid water].


I stood there in shock for a couple seconds as I was on the phone with my best friend who was experiencing the whole event with me. Then I burst out laughing and exclaimed “THAT WAS AWESOME! I WISH THIS WASN’T MY HOUSE!”


I honestly wasn’t even mad. I was thankful that the leak was above the middle of the floor instead of over my laptop, iPad, important documents or clothes. I was also thankful it was fall so I could leave my window open to air out the moisture.

ipod7 ipod6

The guy cleaned up what he could, apologized profusely and left me with blankets and a huge industrial fan. I woke up Monday morning to rainforest like humidity. I left the fan on and went to work calling maintenance as soon as the office was open. By the time I got home, my floors were dry and I just had to rearrange things a bit and throw out some shoes that got wet. For that to happen, I think I got really lucky.

As I mentioned earlier, CTB has been all up on the fall goodies. A Chapple is hot apple cider with a chai tea bag infused into it. Sounds simple but it is SO GOOD! We also had these cupcakes delivered yesterday and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.


I am in love with this brand of chips. My favorite is the Rosemary Salt with Olive Oil but I wanted to try these yesterday with lunch. I love pickles but these were a bit too spicy for my taste. Still a great crunch and would cure a salt craving in a flash.


The last part of a whirlwind of activity was the delivery of my iPad case. I love animal print as long as it’s not real fur. I thought this case was beautiful. Now I can allow my iPad to leave my bed!


Happy Wednesday!

Have you ever had a leaking roof?

What’s you favorite fall drink?



  1. Whew, it sounds like you’ve been BUSY! I am so sorry about the leak in your ceiling. It’s so hard to stay positive when things like that happen, but you really did. That’s so amazing!

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