Thinking Out Loud

Oh hey Amanda! Thanks for hosting!


First off I need to say YUM to the breakfast I am eating right now! It is a cob-job smoothie of my leftover matcha latte from yesterday, walnuts and chia seeds. Basically I got a small matcha latte from Wegmans as an afternoon snack but didn’t drink all of it [about 3/4 was left]. I don’t like to waste and I liked the flavor so I stuck it in the fridge. When I was making cookies for my friend’s birthday yesterday I had about 1/2 cup of walnuts leftover that I thought would taste really great…um…unique I guess is the right term…with the matcha. I added some chia seeds for texture and wha-la!


I am trying a couple figs on the side because I haven’t had them in a while and plan to use them in baking. While in Wegmans yesterday I planned to get dates but they were out…figs seemed like a logical next choice.

My last TOL post featured the Jo Bros [not my nickname] and wondered what happened to them. Well what would happen but twitter sending me a story about Nick Jonas’ new song “Jealous”. I am a fan of his buzzcut. It makes him look older and not like a Disney channel star.


Speaking of buzzcuts, ok MICHAEL PHELPS?! What is the deal with this DUI? Is it so much to ask not to put my and every other person’s life in danger? Is it too much to ask for you to keep your act clean so you can win more medals for the U.S.? Do I need to change my favorite swimmer to Ryan Locke? Seriously dude get it together!


These figs are really good.


Tonight I want to make a flatbread using the naan I bought. I’ve never actually had naan before [crazy right becauseΒ I love hummus!] and came across a recipe yesterday for ways to use up leftover naan. I also have olives, tomatoes, hummus and cashew cheese with which to top it with. Sounds yum!


Have you ever tried matcha? Naan?

Is Nick Jonas really that delicious or am I just longing for my Disney Channel days?


One comment

  1. I am with you on the Michael Phelps disappointment. Whyyyy!! Why!!! This is his second DUI, I believe. Crazy. Maybe he will shape up now. Sigh.

    Anyways, naan. I absolutely love it!! At the most recent wedding I was in, the rehearsal dinner was at an Indian restaurant. I was so stuffed with naan after that dinner, haha. Nothing beats authentic Indian food!

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