Getting used to early morning workouts and early bedtimes

Time seems to be flying between each time I find the time to post. Life is totally getting in the way and I am LOVING IT! My work schedule has changed substantially the past few weeks due to alterations in staff composition and availability. Instead of working closing shifts like I had, I got more early morning timeslots because I have a flexible schedule. At first, I was a bit peeved because I had gotten used to my schedule of working out, making breakfast while blogging and doing either school work or reading before going to work. That way when I got home all I really did was veg out, eat and go to sleep.


Working earlier means working out earlier, eating breakfast at work and being more productive with school and making my breakfast for the next morning that night. I’ve gotten pretty creative with smoothies, overnight oats and “green sludge” which have been a nice change from my usual nut butter, jelly and banana combo. Green sludge is essentially almond milk, spinach, nut butter, dates and any other super food I can get my blender to mash together. It comes out really thick which I like because it is more filling that drinking juice for breakfast. It also looks like the Grinch.

Working out early in the morning means I leave for the gym when it’s dark and cold, run the 1/4 mile there and workout with my “oldies”. There is another girl who has been coming early who seems about my age, but we sort of do our own thing so I haven’t talked to her except to say good morning. The old guys always say they know I am trying to race them. It’s basically true. I sit on the stationary bike next to an elderly Cornell pharmacist and we pretend it’s the Tour de France. [I kid].

I have been making a lot of my own cookies lately with all the chickpeas and nuts/seeds I get from work. I actually plan to make more tonight after I eat dinner. I really loved the ones I made a couple weeks ago with chickpeas, tahini and cranberries. I think I’ll stick with the same base but change the insides. I’m thinking of adding lemon extract and pumpkin seeds in addition to cranberries.

I made these cookies last week and will post a recipe. I meant to when I made them, but I forgot and they are actually gone now. If I remember correctly they had walnuts, dates, almond butter, flax seeds and gogi berries. I’ve found for all my cookie recipes I use a combination of flavors I get from pinterest or a blog that usually has them in “ball” form. I like my cookies big, round and flat, so I make them as such. My recipes only yield about 7-8 cookies instead of 20 balls. I like that I don’t get as much because I can play around with flavors more and don’t get tired of them as easily.


I took a picture of my callus on my left foot. Yes I have weird shaped feet which contributes to the intense calluses and the need to buy shoes with a wide toe base. I actually picked this callus off last night and it came off in one sheet of dead skin. Yes, that might sound gross, but it felt really good to peel it off. Only people who have callus experience knows how painful they can be if left unattended and how satisfying removing a lot of dead skin feels. #sorrynotsorry for the picture.


I have been totally hooked on triathlon this past month because the World Championships in Kona happened YESTERDAY! The male winner this year was Sebastian Kienle from Germany. The second place finisher was an AMERICAN named Ben Hoffman. Go USA!



The women’s winner was Mirinda Carfrae from Australia. She is a total boss winning last year as well! That girl has a faster marathon than most of the professional men! The first American female, Liz Lyles,ย took 7th place.



Do you watch multisport?

Are you an early morning person?



  1. Schedule changes are always tough for me! I just get into my little routines, and when things change it takes me a while to make new routines, haha!! I am loving all of the triathlon coverage lately!! Yay Ironman!

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