Should we rename Columbus Day?

I know I know, I keep meaning to post a no-bake cookie recipe but I think now I have forgotten what I put into them…it was a spin-off recipe so I will probably be able to sum it up if I truly take the time to think about it, but today is not that day.


I have just returned home from a long day at work. Being a Monday, I held the preconceived notion that it would be a slower day. At least slower than the weekend. Once again, the alluring CTB attracted many families and students to the smells and tastes of bagels either because of Columbus Day or Cornell University’s fall break.

I had forgotten about Columbus Day. Why, I thought to myself, did I not take this day off? Think of the respect I should pay! Think of the moment of silence to be had! How could I work on a day that celebrates the discovery of America?


I’ll tell you why, because Columbus is a fraud! I doubt the man himself imagined there would be a day attributed to his glory, but I cannot condone all the fame he has accumulated for “finding America”.


First of all, he obviously was not the first man to set foot on this continent. The Indians he would later kill and enslave were the first people there. He was not even the first “European” to come over as Vikings had hundreds of years prior to his birth.

Second, he enslaved, killed or sickened and then killed all the natives he came across! He brought Western disease to the people who did not before succumb to such viruses. What they did not give him, he took. This sounds like modern industrial farming but I will not rant about that here.

Third, he did not discover that the world was round. Scientists and mathematicians before him had shown through calculation that the earth must be round [think Galileo]. The fact that the earth was round was actually an accepted fact in academic circles.

The only reason I have ever got excited for Columbus Day was because of the sales and a day off from school. Thinking about it this year, why should there be sales? In true Columbus fashion, we should all be able to go to the store and take what we want and kill whomever tries to stop us. That would be more inline with what this man actually stood for.


Do you think we should rename this day?


What are your feelings on Columbus? 


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