Relearning hunger/thirst signals

I have been without coffee or Splenda for three days. The first two were pretty easy because work was really busy and I did not have much time to contemplate my decision. Today was a bit of a different story. I have not gotten a headache or anything like that. I have been keeping myself hydrated by drinking both water, tea and juice. I do not really miss anything besides the flavor of coffee. I genuinely did like that taste.

coffee addict3

This afternoon I experienced a strange phenomenon. I knew I wanted a drink but was tired of water. Normally this is when I would reach for the coffee. Considering that was not an option I had to look inside to reassess what I was feeling. I was thirsty, yes but was I also hungry? Was this feeling in my stomach also me not being fully satisfied at lunch?

coffee addict4

I drank a little bit more water and still didn’t feel satisfied. I didn’t want the carbonation from a Kombucha nor the thick watery feeling of a coconut water. Both are great at different times. I opened the floor up to my coworkers and one of the suggested a smoothie. I went with that idea.

coffee addict

My smoothie was not of the variety we usually sell (fake fruit, yogurt or ice cream) but one with actual fruit pieces, spinach and ice. It was just the refreshing boost I was looking for. I wanted something a bit more substantial than water but not heavy so I felt groggy to finish out the shift.

Three days in and I believe in myself to continue!

coffee addict2

Do you ever get confused as to whether you’re hungry or just thirsty?

Hungry or just bored?



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