Taking myself on a vacation?

How does one go about planning a trip? A trip for one person. A trip to either California or Colorado. A trip on a plane.




What am I talking about specifically? This girl wants to take herself on vacation […eventually]!


Last night I read a post about the really harmful outcomes of having too much stress. This can be physical stress, emotional stress, nutritional stress or a combination of the two. Essentially, even if someone is really healthy from a cardiovascular standpoint, if they carry enough emotional baggage, adverse health conditions may still occur. These things include cancers, amenorrhea, fatigue, depression and other diseases.

What a thing to happen! Everyday we are exposed to toxins out of our control from water, air and even our electronic devices. Don’t believe me? Ask Lebron James.  Because there are so many things out of my control, recently I’ve taken an interest in the ways I can distress and take time for myself.

The past week I’ve kept a gratitude journal suggested to me by my positive psychology professor.

I’ve begun doing at least ten minutes of stretching or yoga or balance work most nights both for the muscle restoring benefits and for the mindfulness.


The idea to go on vacation is something completely out of left field for me. I don’t like vacations because I’ve really never experienced a good one. Family vacations were more about fighting between us siblings about who had to sleep on the floor and my dad never wanting to stop so we could pee [yes, even on rides over 6 hours]. I didn’t find them restful at all.

The idea to go on vacation alone was brought to me by Tracey Wilson from a podcast called Popstuff [I highly recommend this!] She said the best vacations she’s ever had have been just her, a great stack of books and a beach.


The quiet, no commitments and warm sun sound completely entrancing to me.

I just might look into this.

Have any tips for me?

What are the best ways to travel?

Should I buy a travel package with everything included?


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