WIAW: Feeling RAVENOUS after dinner?

Wow that 16 miles I just ran felt really good! I am thankful for the easy runs when they come. Happy WIAW everyone!

Thanks to Jenn for the link-up!


I’m not sure if I’m consciously falling into good habits…but I did give up Splenda the other day so that counts right?


Breakfast was green chocolate-coconut pumpkin overnight oats. Yes that sounds really complicated but I have pumpkin almond milk which I blended with spinach before I mixed in coconut, chocolate and the oats. Simple and delicious.


Lunch featured a CTB product I have never tried [seriously]. The bread I used is our hand sliced multigrain. Yes, I slice it every morning which is why it costs 50 cents extra. It’s not that I’ve avoided it, but I just don’t think of it when making lunch. Today while slicing it, it smelled AMAZING so I told my coworker to remind me to have it for lunch. On it I put avocado, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, sprouts and lettuce. A side of green veggies and a Kombucha made this meal perfect!


After work I took my positive psych class and then planned to go to the mall. This was a little snack that perked up my late afternoon. Brazil nuts are a favorite because they are HUGE! I love that they are almost as big as chips and much more tasty.


I was really hungry for dinner. Sometimes I crave the simplest things. I warmed up a large bowl of chickpeas and spiced them with cumin, salt and minced onion. On the side I hade the last of the zucchini given to me by my friend and something called ‘autumn carrot salad’ given to me at work. I believe it was a combination of carrots, craisins, olive oil, maple syrup and spices.

Even after eating all this I still felt like a bottomless pit. I just wanted to munch. I don’t really know what was going on. I had a handful of carrots and then realized something outside of the food was going on. I decided to do some mindfulness meditative yoga which decreased my ravenous/anxious feeling and allowed me to relax.


A night time snack is ALWAYS in order! One of my five ingredient cookies and an apple took center stage.

Happy Wednesday!

What do you do when you feel ravenous?



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