Lemon-Cranberry No-bake Cookies

Wow my hands are NUMB! It’s been getting chillier everyday here and even gloves do not protect my fingers on morning runs. I’m going to start carrying hand warmers when it starts to snow. This morning was an easy 8 miles around Cornell campus. Watching the day begin always feels so wonderful.

What else feels wonderful are no-bake cookies. The following recipe was based loosely on a flavor profile I found at One Green Planet. As usual, the instructions said to roll them into balls…but I go against the grain and mash them into large cookies. The purpose of this batch was to be given as a gift to a young high school girl who is our “runner” on the weekends when the store is very busy. Her name is Elizabeth and she is the sweetest, most awkward girl I’ve ever met.

She is fascinated by my veganism but also looks up to all of us. She likes to make me soup. Seriously she’s done it two times. The first was carrot ginger and was absolutely DIVINE! Yesterday once again she had created a butternut squash soup that I adored as well.

I want to give something back to her and I think these no-bakes fit the bill.

Lemon-Cranberry No-bake Cookies

1C cashews

1/3C oats

1/4C shredded coconut

1C figs moistened

2T lemon juice

1/2C dried cranberries

Put the cashews in the food processor and blend them till they are finely ground.


Add the rest of the ingredients except the cranberries and pulse till all the ingredients come together.


Pull mixture out and mix with cranberries in a large bowl.


Separate out into the appropriate size cookies you prefer. I wrap them in plastic wrap and stick them in the fridge. I think it keeps them longer.


I enjoyed them, so I think she will too!

Happy Saturday!


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