MIMM! [And it’s only 8:42AM!]


Marvelous is:

Vegan activism at the gym: This morning I was doing a cool down spin on the bike before I left the gym. I was almost done [I usually keep it to ten minutes] when another woman sat on the bike next to me with an Ithaca Bakery shirt on. Ithaca Bakery is one of the five stores within the CTB franchise so of course I had to comment on her shirt. We got talking because she used to work there, but now works in the pastry department at GreenStar (my favorite co-op). I told her how I LOVE the chocolate peanut butter brownies and all the other vegan goodies. She told me she was a vegetarian and asked me so many questions about my daily diet and why I went vegan. This was a great pathway to activism because the sandwich I told her I love to eat for lunch (avocado, hummus, sprouts and tomato) was her absolute favorite as well! I hope I opened the vegan door for her.


Carbo-loading for no reason the past three nights: All I can say is YES PLEASE!

Nutty wild rice with golden raisins and chickpeas


Purple potatoes, hummus and carrots


Ginger-tahini lentils with Maple Tempeh


Making Arman’s microwave English muffin for breakfast: My only change was using 2T of mashed banana instead of pumpkin puree and coconut flour instead of peanut because that’s what I had on hand. Topped with almond butter and raspberry jalapeño jam. I think this will become a day off staple. Yesterday I woke up craving pancakes. I think he has some great recipes for those too! 🙂


Going off coffee for a week and not feeling different: I will do a whole post on this sometime later. I went off coffee for a week and really didn’t suffer any side effects other than missing the taste of coffee. I think that’s because I drank decaf anyway so I don’t have a caffeine dependency. The best benefit of going off coffee was learning to enjoy juice and Kombucha and water again. I didn’t realize I basically drank coffee or tea all day and never just plain water. Ice water when you’re thirsty is so good.

Have a MARVELOUS Monday!



  1. Props to you buddy- you wear that vegan crown with pride 😉

    ITHACA!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I miss that place (when I went there from Oswego). If anywhere is hiring international peeps in Ithaca lettuce know. I’ll be there and we can have pancakes.

    • Oh Ithaca is ALWAYS hiring! The crowd I ride with is the post-college-still-figuring-it-out-so-lets-have-fun type 🙂 You’d love it!

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