T.O.L. [WIAW and obese crash-test dummies]

Yesterday was a full day of work, apartment searching and pumpkin beer. I did manage to take pictures of my meals to take part in WIAW…but ended up spending more time drinking and talking with friends instead. That’s a better trade-off in millions of ways.

Before I think out loud, here is my WIAW!



[Green smoothie]


[Hummus wrap with roasted, marinated summer squash and salt and vinegar chips]


[The Basic margarita from Viva]


[Roasted butternut squash and kale paired with cheesy soba noodles and Tofurky kielbasa]


[One of Jill’s birthday muffins]


Now time for Thinking Out Loud! Thanks to Amanda for hosting!


1.) Pumpkin beer…I think it is my aversion to beer, but I cannot get behind this one either. I tried really hard last night to like it but I need my alcohol to have an element of sweetness. I thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin cider provided (and drank ALOT of it!) but I knew I would. I love Angry Orchard hard cider as well so the pumpkin element in last night’s tasting added an autumnal element that brought up the wow factor.

2.) I really enjoyed the free beer and cider tasting event that CTB held yesterday. The tasting was not at my location, so my friend Gennie and I went up after work. We accidentally got there an hour early so we spent it talking. I totally remember why she was my best friend in elementary school and wish we had stayed closer over the years. As she brought up yesterday, at least we are now. It might not be making zoos or playing in her room anymore, but drinking and talking is just as good [or better!]

fall4 fall5 fall6

[we took about a thousand selfies and these were the best ones…not exactly professional but the lighting was real bad]

3.) I saw on the news this morning that the crash test dummy is getting a makeover to better suit the American population. That means the dummy is now obese because the majority of Americans are. The scientists who developed these say it will be able to more accurately predict vehicle accident injuries so cars can be made safe. As usual, I am conflicted about this because on one hand it has the potential to save lives…but seriously?! I still haven’t had enough time to think [out loud] about this…


Do you like pumpkin beer?

Obese crash-test dummies? Thoughts?



  1. I heard about that crash test dummy thing. That’s a little… disturbing, to say the least. I mean, I get that they’re trying to more accurately represent the population, but it’s also a confirmation that they don’t expect the obesity problem to get better any time soon. Sigh. It’s scary to think what’s going to happen a decade or two from now…

    • I am trying to be optimistic. There are so many more resources to get fit and healthy now…things will start to turn around!

  2. The crash test dummy idea sadly makes sense. I think it’s pathetic that it’s come to this, but their reasons are valid. Americans are out of control with their eating.

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