I was going to do a WIAW post…but I cannot get my phone to sync to wi-fi and send pictures to my email.


There was a lot of this Peanut Stew

peanut stew2

Well I might as well enlighten you about some other aspect of my life: FITNESS!

As ya’ll know I love to run. I had a pretty fun race season, worked through soreness, stress and ended up pretty happy. I still run everyday (even when I cross train because I jog slowly to the gym) so I’m not going on a complete hiatus this winter. I do want to try something different.


Ahhh the Spartan. My interest in these obstacle races has peaks and valleys. I am a research assistant to Ben Greenfield who has recently shifted his primary focus of endurance triathlons to these obstacle races. He even started a new podcast called Obstacle Dominator that answers listener questions on the best types of training for these events.

What is a Spartan Race?

To quote Joe De Sena, the founder:

Spartan Race was created with a simple, yet important, mission in mind. That mission is to get people back to their primal roots. To do what they were designed to do: run, jump, climb and sweat.

Our obstacle races are professionally designed and engineered to provide you with the best experience possible from starting gate to finish line, and beyond. You will experience the thrill of accomplishing something you may not have believed possible, and come away knowing you are stronger than you thought. This is our mission, our dream, to provide you with a life changing experience. So come find out what we mean when we say…

You’ll know at the finish line.

spartan 2

Why do I find this intriguing? I have no idea. It sounds painful, yet exhilarating. It sounds like it will teach me what it means to really respect my body and be alive. It is completely new.

What happens in a Spartan Race?

Really, different things occur at each one. Climbing under barbed wire, carrying stumps, jumping over fire, wading through water, climbing up walls and throwing spears are just a few things. This is actually sounding kind of insane.

spartan 3

I’m not really sure I want to actually do a Spartan rather I want to do the training. I want to try something besides running this winter and not traditional weight training. I like high intensity interval training and a sample Spartan WOD sounds a lot like that.

Sprint 400 meters –> 25 kettle bell swings

Sprint 400 meters –> 25 burpees

Sprint 400 meters –> 25 tricep dips

Repeat 3x

This sounds really legit!

I also respect the functional aspect of this training. I want my body to become more well-rounded and balanced. I want to have a strong body for life and be able to take on any challenge that comes at me. This type of training refines all types of muscles (in contrast to isometric weight training) to create functional movement. By doing this, I hope to not get injured as easily, have more balance on each side of my body and be stronger overall.

Have you ever considered obstacle racing?

What do you do in your “off-season”?


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