T.O.L. [Pancakes, Coffee Cups, T. Colin Campbell and Smiles]

Thanks Amanda for the link-up!


Just so Spoons knows, the cups at the coffee place I work at do not change color for the season. We do however change up our drink offerings to reflect the autumnal temperature change. My favorite is called the “Chapple”. It is an apple cinnamon tea bag steeped in steamed chai. It is so simple yet delicious. The chai already has a few spicy notes which pair well with the cinnamon from the tea bag. Sometimes if I feel fancy I will draw a fall leaf on the cup before handing it to a customer. Now that is customer service! Take that Starbucks!

And for your pleasure: 10 Awful Things Only Baristas Will Understand

pancake1 pancake2

On my mind right now is the disaster I call breakfast. I tried to make chocolate banana pancakes…but I think I went to dry on the almond milk. They would not stay together in the pan. Actually, it just occurred to me that I forgot a chia egg. This reminds me of when I made those hash browns that were supposed to be fritters…Oops. Oh well, there’s nothing a little melted peanut butter cannot solve. I say that about a lot…


About twenty minutes ago just as I was beginning to make the pancake batter, I got a call from my boss at work asking me to come in today. I said no. I kind of have a day of plans today that could be broken but I would rather not. After breakfast I plan to get in some biking, then go grocery shopping and work on a fitness/eating plan for a girl at work. Interspersed with reading or my positive psych course will get me through the afternoon. At 4:30PM I am attending a lecture by T. Colin Campbell at Cornell and then have a Vegan Society meeting at 6:30. After that I am getting dinner with my friend and then going to karaoke at a local bar (if I’m still awake). Theoretically I could come in, but I would have to put off other things I was planning to do. It has been slow lately so I will pray it is again today.


Ohhhhh and there’s been a certain male on my mind lately that I need to shake. Nothing has even happened outside of friendship/running-ship that would indicate a further level of commitment…but I have butterflies. I’m not sure what it means so I’m just not going to do anything except dream…and smile…a lot…because smiling’s my favorite πŸ™‚



Tee-hee πŸ™‚

Do you always go into work when you’re called?

Pancakes anyone?



    • The red cups basically signal the season…except I wish they did orange cups for November and then red for December. That makes more sense

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