How are you blessed? [Thank you veterans!]

Probably less than I should, I reflect on how truly blessed I am. My life has not been without hardship, but through those times I have learned to appreciate being alive.

I do not have my degree yet, but I am working on it.

I am not a multimillionaire nor do I own a successful company. I honest to God hope I never am either of those things. Too often, growing up I was told that in order to live the life I want to live, I should go to college, get a job and get married. Then I would achieve this ultimate goal of success or happiness.

That has changed significantly for me. I did go to college. I decided to take a year off. I went back. Then decided to take another year before going back again. I now plan to finish my degree in pieces as I have the funding while working at the same time. Sure, my job isn’t the most prestigious career, but it provides fulfillment and happiness at the end of the day.

I feel blessed to work with people who are kind, funny and tolerant. I feel blessed to go home to an apartment I pay for myself. I feel blessed to have a car I purchased on my own. I feel blessed to have an overall sense of peace with where my life is at.

That does not mean I will always be in this position in life. I am open to change and see what opportunities open up. Those opportunities could provide more joy than I already experience.

I am confident enough to wait for them.

How are you blessed?



  1. My views of how my life “should be” have changed SO much over the last couple years. I no longer stress (as much) about my future and where I am going and I try to appreciate each day I am given!! I am blessed to have a job I love, food I adore, a loving family, and a positive mind!! Life is GREAT!

    • It really is Brittany! I can tell how much you appreciate your life through your posts [even if you are plagued by a love of Starbucks…] πŸ˜‰

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