Random phone pictures [cupcakes, mayo messages and bland fruit]

Have you ever been to a bakery where the pastries are so impressive it almost seems a crime to eat them? The time it must take, the effort, the artistry and the patience are all qualities I severely lack so I appreciate that in other people. Every time I go into Wegmans and watch the decorators making these sugar coated masterpieces I know I would never be able to eat one. How could I destroy that? I’ll take the plain one please!

I used to watch cake boss when I had a TV and the cakes were so cool, I was almost mad at people for eating them!

At CTB we are fortunate to have a pastry case that holds a myriad of sweet treats that satisfy any palate. On my birthday I was given a vegan vanilla cupcake as a present from my manager. It was pretty, delicate and rather good [not cool enough to take a picture before it was devoured]. Other cupcakes in our case are decorated for the season.

We have the turkey cupcake, the pie shaped cupcake, and a blue owl which seems really random but actually fits quite nicely!



I think they are so pretty that I could never eat one! Am I nuts?

Speaking of nuts, I experimented with Arman‘s Spicy Roasted Peanut recipe using almonds instead. It made the kitchen smell of cinnamon. The nuts were delicious too!


I might as well finish this post with an example of my own artistry when it comes to cuisine


I am very talented in using the mayo script as a medium. My name is short enough to fit on a sandwich πŸ™‚

The last picture I found on my phone was a “rant picture” of a cup of fruit I was given at work. We sell these mini fruit cocktails that look good on the outside, but all taste the same on the inside. I am completely serious saying the grape tastes like the cantaloupe which also tastes like the pineapple. This is not a good thing because the flavor is a bland too sweet for some and an under-sweet for others. It just feels weird when the texture of a cantaloupe has a back taste of grape.


Do you hesitate eating things that look too beautiful to destroy?

What is your culinary specialty?



One comment

  1. I know what you mean about beautiful baked goods!! I make a nice cake for Jimmy for his birthday every year. It takes me hours, and sometimes days for different parts! When he cuts into it, I’m always happy… but I also die on the inside because my creation will be gone in a matter of hours, haha! I totally get it!

    I love your mayo skillz!

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