Lincoln Up #4 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

I think I’m going to start linking up to Amanda over at Running with Spoons. However, I still love my name so I’m  keep the presidential title 🙂




It’s Monday! 10 Tricks to Have a Great Day :: For tomorrow, because you know it’s always a struggle

6 Daily Practices to Love Your Body :: Always a good reminder



How to Date a Vegan Without Really Trying :: I can cook guys I swear…and so can you, everyone loves potatoes!

8 Food Myths You Probably Believe :: The Protein Myth again debunked!

Is It Possible for a Vegan to Ever Love a Carnivore? :: Activists all around need to be aware of “scaring off” partners, friends and potential new vegans



Very Common Use of Adderall Among Cornellians :: Hits close to home both because I used to go here and still live in Ithaca

Dog Wakes Owner As Fire Spreads :: This is the reason I need a dog!



U.S. Women Having Their Best Year Ever! :: Reasons include financial incentive and psychological shift. Speaking my kind of language!

9 Reasons You Should Fall in Love with a Runner :: Best we are the best!

How To Tell If It’s Too Cold To Exercise Outside :: No matter, if a cute boy is involved I will stick it out!



Fast Food Chains Aggressively Market to Black and Poor Kids :: I feel like companies market to poorer communities that are still overwhelmingly not white.

Parents are Bad at Packing Lunch for Their Kids :: I agree, my lunches were void of veggies of any kind and laced with cheese, milk and packaged snacks

Scientist Turns Peanut Butter into Diamonds :: Because peanut butter is really a girl’s best friend!




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