Monday’s Life Lately and AWESOME PICTURES

Full disclosure here: I have not taken any pictures lately so I decided to entertain you with the coolest ones I’ve seen on the web.


Now this weather seems more like fall! It is currently raining and cold outside,, my day at work was slower than slow and I’ve lit a candle. Boom. It’s fall. Snow is forecasted for the next couple days which is great considering it fits in with the Christmas music I have streaming when I’m home.

So what’s up with me? Well, there seems to be a lot on my mind and none of it is too significant.



I love CTB. It’s still great and I have a wonderful time everyday at work. It has just been getting slow and I know the winter will bring more 3 and 4 day work weeks. My rent and expenses cannot afford this so today I got an application to work at my favorite Mexican restaurant Viva Taqueria. I love the atmosphere and the food there which doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll love the work but it is more favorable than a place I hate to go to eat. My co-worker also works there and she loves it. I figured I would apply and if I get a call back that is God telling me to try it out. It can’t hurt.



I feel as though I don’t think too deeply about my religion much. That’s not to say I’m falling away from Christ, but I have been absent in my study of His word. I pray always throughout the day and try to do the right thing, but I have not been really in the scriptures in a while. I work on Sunday mornings and cannot get that off, so regular church is out. The good thing about going to a college town is that there are campus ministries throughout the week. This idea occurred to me the other night, so I looked up Campus Crusade’s meeting times at Cornell. This Friday at 7:30 I plan to be there.



What I thought might lead to something didn’t go out completely…it just is going to be put on the back burner for a while. He is seeing someone but knows it’s not long term. It’s a long story but I’m not putting my life on hold to wait. I’m not really upset about it because I didn’t get too invested. It was just fun to dream. I actually am looking into this job at Viva because more guys work there. Cheers!



I’ve been baking and cooking more than I usually do recently and I’m starting to get this niggle in the back of my brain that I’m worn out. Cooking is relaxing for me. When I create food, I try to put love into it. I believe that’s why it tastes good. If I were to be stressed out feeling I have to cook, it would not taste as good. I have been loving the food I’ve been making, but I think it’s time I slow down a bit. My stomach has actually been craving simple childhood favorites with fewer flavors. Since yesterday I’ve been in the peanut butter and jelly, plain rice and beans and less spices on food. I really just want fewer things coming at my belly. This coinciding with my waning desire to cook will give me a break before the holidays really go into full swing. By then I’ll want to have more fun in the kitchen and inside my body.



I have been keeping up a regular exercise routine. I’m not training for anything specific but maintaining my fitness in case something comes along. I like being in run shape. It’s not elite level marathoner nor couch potato. It’s a base level of fitness that I enjoy. The next race I have planned is a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. There is a half marathon January 3rd…but I’m not sure how I would feel doing it if it was too cold. I fully admit I am a warm weather runner. I’ve taken to the treadmill mostly and enjoy that. My last long run yesterday was just me and a Christmas special on TV. It was kind of fun, I had to use the bathroom in the middle (severe emergency) and was able to do just that in the gym. No random Burger King or Dunkin’ Donuts I happen to pass.



What…? Just kidding, but seriously no change. My mom visits me at work sometimes, we talk, it’s nothing deep. The superficial relationship works good for us. We are all happy.



My friend Gennie and I are trying to be regular about watching the show Psych and getting dinner. Were watching Psych tonight but because of my stomach feeling odd, we’re tabling dinner. We have been looking for apartments for next year together and have found a few. The only problem is that the landlords are unsure of what tenants are staying and which are leaving to give us and exact place. Mostly we’ve been instructed to wait until February or March to see what is available. It’s been fun looking!


That’s life lately in a nutshell.

How many times have you moved?

Are you always motivated to cook or like me, sparingly do so?

What are your winter workouts of choice?



  1. Be careful trying to date coworkers!!! It can be messy, haha. Fingers crossed you get that call back. Working at a Mexican restaurant would be dangerous for me, ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSAAAA.

  2. Great life update! Yay for campus crusade! Let me know how you like it!

    Thankfully I haven’t had to move too much. Just a few times recently and a little bit when I was younger (I was a Navy brat for a bit, haha).

    As for cooking, I am sparingly motivated. Baking is totally different, though. I will always bake at any time! I adore it. Too much haha.

    Winter workout of choice. Hmm.. treadmilling, lifting, and swimming (sparingly with the swimming because I hate swimming when it’s SUPER cold out!).

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