WIAW [Craving the peanut butter big time]

Hello all and welcome to WIAW!


The past couple days all I’ve craved is peanut butter, jelly and banana in the worst way possible. It began a few days ago where my stomach felt wonky and I wanted foods that were simple. No crazy “Mexican-Asian fusion with a garlic twist”. Foods my stomach could decipher easily and enjoy. It was then the cravings began. Since Sunday I’ve eaten at least two meals each day comprising of the nut butter and jelly combo.

What a delicious past few days!



Peanut butter, banana, strawberry jelly and granola in a whole wheat wrap…put on the Panini press to get melty



I thought I was out of my pb rut and wanted the avocado/cream cheese combo. Twas spread on a garlic bagel with tomato, onion and spinach. A side of salt and vinegar chips and whipped butter nut squash were also to be had. It was delicious…but by dinner I craved the butter of nut again.


Before I made it to dinner, I tried some of these kale dessert chips made with white chocolate and peppermint.


OH MY LORD! They were so good and VEGAN! I have had no luck finding white chocolate since turning vegan. There are things online of course…but the candy is not important enough to me to get that serious. This was delicious and I am picking up more this afternoon!




This was the staple lunch of my childhood (minus the Brussels) almond butter, raspberry jelly, banana and granola in wheat wrap with dill pickles. This is my favorite pairing. The tart of the pickles goes so well with the sweetness from the wrap. If my stomach wasn’t wonky I would put the pickles inside the wrap instead of the banana. Don’t knock it till ya try it!



I’m not completely on the train with this chocolate mostly because I’m not the biggest lime fan. However everyone talks about the sea salt and chocolate combo so I had to try it. Without the time this would be DYNAMITE!

That was my day! Brrrr it’s getting so cold, I believe soup will totally be in the future!

What is your childhood favorite? 



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