Fourteen[ish] miles and Flex Friday

Sometimes you wake up and decide to have a good day. Today was that day for me. I have a later work day today so timing was not an issue for running or errands. This morning I am getting a few business details worked through which I’ll post on if things work out and applying for a job.

Before I start on that stuff, I kicked off my Friday with a long run. During those miles, I listened to Rich Roll interview David Clark, an ultramarathon man who lost 150 pounds and overcame alcohol addiction. It was quite the inspiring interview because it proves how low someone can sink and still turn things around.


One quote stuck with me when David described his approach to training for a marathon [something I’m currently trying to do]. He said “I don’t want to finish a marathon, I want to be a guy who finishes marathons.” That distinction is the line between training correctly and CRUSHING a marathon and simply slogging through miles to say you finished. I would like to be the woman who finishes marathon[s].


[Flex Friday]

Clark also spoke about referring to himself as a runner by asking himself questions such as How does a runner train? How does a runner eat? Would a runner do this?

I really liked that concept. It follows my beliefs of getting enough sleep, eating [mostly] the right foods, refueling correctly, following tested advice and listening to the body [within reason].

I finished my run really inspired and also HUNGRY!


Almond butter and cherry jam on an Ezekiel English muffin and some cashew milk.

How are you owning your Friday?



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