Lincoln Up #5 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

It’s Time for Lincoln Up! This is the best stuff I’ve read this week. My favorite article has to be the peanut butter and pickle sandwich…which I am trying to get on the menu at CTB as soon as possible!



You’re Always Beautiful (Even when you think you aren’t) :: So often beauty is about confidence, not looking perfect

Orthorexia Isn’t Healthy; Neither is the SAD :: Andy Bellatti brings “being too healthy” back to reality

Diet Really Can Manage Stress :: Healthy diet, healthy body, healthy mind

Texting Is Destroying Your Neck :: This scares me because I look down a lot of the day making bagel sandwiches…

After Weight-loss I Still Feel Like A Fat Girl :: Inside every adult is the child they were, I think it’s time to embrace our past selves as the reason we are the way we are



27 Ways To Thrive This Winter Even Though It Sucks :: Bubble baths?! Yes PLEASE!

Ellen DeGeneres Doesn’t The Difference Between Sweet Potatoes and Yams :: My question is, who cares…they are both delicious!



How Much Would Prices Increase if Walmart Raised Their Wage? :: Unintended but important outcomes of a minimum wage increase (I still think it should)

A Thanksgiving Recipe From Every State :: I knew NY would be apple pie…but I’ve never had Mochi Rice Stuffing from Hawaii

Study Suggests Neanderthals Are a Separate Species :: They ain’t human folks

The Myth of The Stay at Home Dad :: They are great, but the stay at home parent is still overwhelmingly female


The Ten Person Treadmill! :: Because running with friends is fantastic!

Exercise Makes Us Smarter :: Either directly by brain chemicals…or the placebo effect!



A Reminder That Goes Vegan Is Not Easy For Everyone :: Poverty stricken areas have less access to vegetables and fruits…but also lack a means to cook things like rice, beans or potatoes [the cheap vegan foods]

An Indianapolis Colt Eats Plants! :: Taking the athletic world by storm, football players included!

Scientific Proof for the Pickle and Peanut Butter Combo! :: I’m not crazy, I’m a four-year-old genius

Happy Sunday!


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