WIAW: I eat a lot of wraps…

Working at a high end bagel and specialty bread shop has nurtured my love of great bread. Sometimes all I need for lunch is a huge piece of focaccia and tomato sauce and I am a happy girl.

This Wednesday was not one of those days. It has been slow at work, meaning I have more time to make my lunch and put thought into it. When it is busy, I mostly grab a bagel or two pieces of bread, smear on some avocado and cream cheese, a few tomato slices and some spinach and get out of the area. The slowness gives me time to heat things up and get creative.



A wrap with cashew butter, cherry jam and granola.



More of a drink, I made an iced coffee with almond milk, vanilla and chocolate…I think that makes it a vanilla mocha.


Time to get my creative juices flowing. A bagel melt with avocado, mushrooms and cheddar on one side and hummus, sprouts and Swiss on the other. On the side a few veggie burger cakes were necessary to round out the dish.








A wrap with roasted veggies, avocado hummus and field greens. A side of butternut squash, carrots and salt and vinegar chips. I am seriously addicted to those things!



My friend and I watched a couple episodes of Psych before calling it a night. These cookies were given to me at Farm Sanctuary [Ok, I stole one of every flavor]. I think my favorite of these cookies is the chocolate explosion simple because I spread PB on it and then it’s OUT OF THIS WORLD. The stand alone best cookie is the “Mac the Chip” cookie. It’s white chocolate macadamia nut.


What was the best thing you ate yesterday?



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