The opportunity cost of family

Sometimes, the best things in life aren’t things. Having spent the day with my sister yesterday, the most fulfilling thing can often be time.

Time is an opportunity cost. An opportunity cost is something that is done instead of something else. For example, you go out with your friends instead of doing homework. The opportunity cost is both the homework. The outcome could be a worse grade or having to miss something else later to make up the homework.
Conversely, by skipping time with friends for homework, you miss out on memories, a bonding experience and a good time.
The optimal opportunity cost gets you the most bang for your buck in a manner of speaking.
Not all this can be calculated. For me, it is easier to skip outings with friends for homework, workouts or work. For others, it’s a no brainer to skip the work in favor of friends.
This means that when I choose to go out with friends (or in this case, my sister) the rewards are higher. I mean rewards loosely because they come mostly in the form of good feelings.
I feel good! It’s almost like I did community service or something.

I want to dissect this so humor me.

Problem 1.) My sister and I do not share a common value
Solution 1.) We talked about things we both knew and cared about (family, running, boys)

Problem 2.) My sister and I are both stubborn
Solution 2.) We mutually decided to be stubborn about common things (we agreed)

Problem 3.) We are not vulnerable toward each other
Solution 3.) She got her ears pierced and we ate together without scrutinizing each other’s choices

The common theme I see here is we’ve both learned to shut up about each other’s lives, accepted that we are who we are and that’s great. We’ve been able (at least yesterday) to just see ourselves for the good.

I think that shows some maturity, love and a banging opportunity cost!

No pictures as of yet (I might edit this post) because I wrote it on my IPad and have not discovered that secret.

Explain your family dynamic. Is it as crazy as mine?


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