Lincoln Up #6 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]


Lincoln Up

Time to Link-Up with the best stories I’ve read this week. Check out Amanda’s blog for more links!


I Thought Getting Married Would Solve Everything :: For people like me who need some assurance every now and again that being single is perfectly great!

If Everyone Is Feminist, Is Anyone? :: A thought provoking piece delving into the spread of feminism and what it really means anymore

Why It Feels So Good To Cancel Plans :: For the chronic canceller (guilty), consider your presence a moral obligation that is extremely missed

The Female “Bro” :: Is not what Bros think she is.



The Running Fastinista! :: I seriously love her racing outfits! They show some serious style!

Can Athletes Be Vegan? :: Um….DUH!

14 Thoughts Every Runner Has During a Long Run :: I mostly think of how much I wish I lived in California

Muscle Definition is About More Than Fitness :: Because abs are made in the kitchen and the fittest people I’ve ever met are not jacked



A Vegan Diet For Athletic Performance :: I have seen my performance improve on a vegan diet. Eating whole foods makes sense.

The Turkeys From Farm Sanctuary :: A nice piece about the dinner I went to last Saturday

A Vegan Thanksgiving with Cory Booker :: YES!!! More politicians need to realize that in order to save human lives both environmentally and through diet the best way to go is plant-based and vegan



Ithacan Coffee Really Delivers :: Of course the first is CTB. We’re that awesome!

Ithaca Mayor Addresses Recent Protests :: Last Tuesday many of my fellow Ithacans took to the streets to protest and support the Ferguson debate



Disney Princesses Have Gone to The Dogs :: Just watch and get all warm and fuzzy inside

Witty ChildΒ Responses to Adult QuestionsΒ :: Number 4 is kind of sad, but at least the kid is honest

What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram? :: These are too funny to pass up! Just smile πŸ™‚



Why Thanksgiving Food is the Worst :: I swear this isn’t a vegan article, one woman points out how the food at Thanksgiving is simply not as good as every other type of food [I disagree with her take on canned cranberry sauce]

The Science of Food Aversion :: Why we hate or love cilantro and other foods



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