Shorts, lattes and Frozen? It’s December 1st!

I swear this weather is like a bad boyfriend. It goes from hot to cold back to hot, plays with my emotions and leaves me underdressed…too much? 🙂


I was able to run in shorts outside to the gym this morning and sweated through the night last night. That either means menopause or my body is used to the cold already and this freaky 50 degree weather in December is freaking it out.

HOW IS IT DECEMBER 1ST?! That means I am no longer too early for Christmas music, everyone else who isn’t listening is dropping the ball. I found a great Spotify playlist that has both the Frozen soundtrack and a Disney holiday mix interspersed throughout. I don’t know the genius who came up with that, but it has been taking care of my Christmas fix in a great way.

Speaking of Frozen, which has been on my mind lately, check out the colors of this cake. Even though the bakers probably did not use these because of the movie, but I started calling this cake “The Frozen Cake” because it reminded me of it. The flavor is actually a white mousse. I think Frozen has been on my mind because my sister wanted to buy it last Friday when we went shopping.


I am totally on the Frozen train for two reasons:

1.) the music is pretty grand, Idina Menzel is simply fantastic

2.) the love story is between sisters and not a boy and a girl

Cue the violins and I’ll get sappy…but the bond between the two women in the movie was beautiful. I got a bit hopeful when my sister said she really wanted to buy the movie. Maybe it softens her heart like it does mine.

In other Christmas/Holiday fun, I bit the bullet and made myself a frosted mint latte at work yesterday. I was inspired by all the Starbucks drink love. Even though I have never liked espresso (it’s super bitter), having not had it in a long time, the memory of hating it faded. The latte was…ok…I remembered why I hate espresso (it’s still bitter). Oh well, I tried. I actually prefer the Café Au Lait instead (half steamed milk and half coffee) so I’ll use that as a base and add the fancy syrup mix-ins. My favorite is blackberry. Weird right?


It’s December 1st and I am ready for some holidays!

Are you on team Frozen?

Favorite coffee drink?


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