Current Faves

December has come back with a lower temperature this morning. It’s a cool 19 degrees outside. My landlord likes to keep the heat at a cool 55 degrees. Luckily my guilty pleasure is here to save the day. This list is what’s currently up in the beginning of my December.

Current book: A Thousand Splendid Suns


Current music: Frozen (this might be a guilty pleasure as well…)


Current guilty pleasure: Scandal


Current drink: Naked Orange Mango Juice


Current food: Peanut butter and fluff…or any nut butter, as long as there is fluff. Bonus if it is grilled!


Current obsession: Hmm…maybe my space heater. How did people live without them?


Current need: I need my $140 Garmin watch to get delivered ASAP. This isn’t funny anymore UPS!


Current workout: I am loving the mile repeats…or biking while watching Rachael Ray…both are great!


What’s your current guilty pleasure?

Yes or no for Rachael Ray? I just like her personality, it’s addicting!




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