A Day of Firsts

Trying things for the first time can be scary. It’s an unknown enigma of possible opportunities to fail or succeed. The only thing holding you back or propelling you forward is yourself. Trying new things gives me anxiety. Sometimes I wonder how I ever tried anything new when I was a child. Afraid to mess up, afraid to not like the results, afraid of the stigma of said new thing. The thoughts in my head concerning new things would be enough to make anyone want to live in a bubble.

So how do we do it? How do we face the challenges of everyday? The tragedy and beauty in the everyday is that each morning is indeed a new one. The beauty that we can start over, and the tragedy that we cannot continue living in the shell of yesterday. I take comfort and accomplishment in the fact that basically waking up everyday is my fighting against my fear of new things. I start the day right off tackling a great challenge with zero effort.


Yesterday (and this morning) was a day of new things for me.


I dyed my hair dark…yes it looks black but that’s just the lighting.


I wore a heart rate monitor for my run.


And tracked a 5K on my Garmin (which did come in!!! WOOO!)


I am trying Ezekiel cereal for breakfast this morning.


With A LOT of add-ins (gogi berries, hemp seeds, spirulina granola, almond milkΒ and banana)

It reminds me of Grape-nuts (which I love!)

I am totally satisfied with all the newness!

Have you tried anything new recently?



    • Thanks! It wasn’t that random though. It was a baseline workout given to me to determine my HR fitness. I never just run a 5k just for fun =P

  1. It can be so easy to fall into the same boring routine, eh? And while it used to cause me tonnes of anxiety, I’ve actually come to love trying new things and switching them up — keeps life interesting! Something new for me was introducing some running intervals to my walk. I usually stick to speed walking, but I introduced some runs and I think I like it!

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