Going slow for 60:00

Today my scheduled workout was 60 minutes of “very comfortable easy pace”. I just got a HR monitor and have been sending information places to get an accurate picture of how to move forward in training.


I read a book called the 80/20 running principle which really made a lot of sense. Essentially is says that most recreational runners run their easy runs too hard and their hard runs too slow. 80% of training should be in the low HR zone intensity (1 or 2 out of 5) and the other 20% should be in moderate to high intensity. I struggle with this because I want to push it on every workout. It’s really hard to hold myself back.


I want to combat this part of myself, but recognize I need help. So I hired a coach to help me. I’ll go in detail about this in some other post, but he has been great so far.


Anyway, today was a 60 minute run at a very easy pace. I’m still not too sure what that means, but I made sure not to ever get to the point where I couldn’t sustain the pace for a half marathon. That’s all I really have to base my running off of.

To be honest, the first few miles were a struggle because I was not used to going at that pace and knowing I was not going to get much faster. I knew it was going to be a mental game, so I brought out my bag of tricks…this time confined to a treadmill, I watched the Food Network holiday specials. This kept me entertained and thinking about all the fun holiday things coming up (Winter fest, Destiny USA, holiday parties etc). The time actually felt like it flew by and I wanted to keep going.


I have confidence in my coach and that what he tells me to do will get me to the Buffalo marathon (a tentative goal).

buffalo marathon

It’s weird, but I feel even more like an athlete after that slow recovery run because I feel invested in my success. I simply do not want to beat up my body and not be able to run.

What was your workout today?



  1. My running coach recommended that my “easy runs” should be at a pace where I can recite the national anthem without gasping for air. It was tough at first because IT WAS SO BORING! I kept at it though and eventually I was able to sustain a faster pace while keeping my heart rate low.

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