Lincoln Up #7 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Happy Sunday and welcome to Lincoln Up! As I enjoy my French toast bagel (with cashew butter on top! Almost like a dessert!) I hope you enjoy reading some of the best I’ve read this week!



8 Protein Sources Every Vegan Should Know :: Is it weird I am eating all of these in a single bowl right now?

Business Entrepreneurs Seize Opportunities in Veganism :: It’s the way of the future!

Vegan Made Milk! :: “The Muufir founders, Perumal Gandhi, Isha Datar and Ryan Pandya, say they’re trying to address three major issues withΒ milk from commercial dairy farming: contamination from cows, inhumane treatment of the animals at tightly packed industrial farms and emissions from large-scale operations”

MMA Fighters Sweat By Vegan Diet :: Because being plant powered is not just for endurance runners!



What Christmas Carol Describes Your Running? :: I think I am all of these at some point…sometimes all at once!

Why This Mom Takes Her Sons Running :: Fitness should be a fun family affair. Who thinks of a loving family that plays videogames together?

Combating Sleep Issues For Runners :: I toss and turn some nights (dang it’s hot in here!) yet the importance of sleep for recovery and sanity cannot be overstated.



Is Restricted Sleep Making Us Fat? :: How balance of hormones is crucial the weight management

Just Because I’m Christian Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Practice Yoga :: Yoga always made me feel like an outsider…until I realize that it is intention, rather than practice with which religion can be involved.

“Real Women” Strip Down for a Photo Shoot :: Bodies come in all shapes and all are lovely.

“I feel guilty but I hate my body”, A Feminist Reveals :: Just read this if you’re female. Thank you.



Cornell Senior Found Dead :: A dreadful murder occurred in my hometown over the weekend. Good news, police has the perp in custody

Protestors Block Off Downtown Ithaca :: I am proud to live in a progressive city that speaks out together against police brutality.



An Infographic on Climate Change :: I want to see the movie Cowspiracy so badly! If this doesn’t make you want to go meat-free Monday tomorrow I don’t know where your head is!

Turn Your City into Robot Farms :: The planet will need more food, this could be a way to clean up those gross unused lots in cities for some good.



52 Things You Thought We’re True But Aren’t :: Vikings never wore horned helmets?!?!?!

10 Things We’ll Be Embarrassed About By 2024 :: I would be embarrassed already by these things if I used them…

Why Do Readers Get So Emotionally Involved In Books :: I can relate to living vicariously through the pages of a great novel. Reading isΒ a beautiful thing!

I feel as though I need a column each week just for this.

Upgrade Your PB&J :: We all need every possible way to eat peanut butter and jelly. I want to try the French toast!


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