TOL: Hello Bananas, meet YOnanas!

Woo I finally got my internet to connect! I swear sometimes I think my wireless router has more emotional problems than a 16 year old girl with her first boyfriend. Oh well, the point is I got connected so I can post my TOL! Thanks to Amanda for the link-up!


In line with Spoons, I have found myself with an abundance of bananas. Considering they are my favorite sweet snack, addition to sandwiches, smoothie thickener etc, this is a great thing! I have been eating about three-four a day and am not tired of them yet. Bananas are a food like peanut butter, almond milk or hummus to me…I could eat them everyday and never think twice.

Having this many bananas:


Means I have been getting even more creative with their uses. Last week I made my first “off-TV” purchase. An off-TV purchase is an item I saw in a commercial (like chia pets, snuggies and non-stick ceramic cookware).

I have bought a Yonanas machine!


What is Yonanas you may ask? Essentially is turns frozen bananas into creamy soft-serve ice cream. It actually works guys I swear! I was totally skeptical and asked the cashier if I could return it if it didn’t work. She said yes. It was on sale (black Friday leftovers) and so I was sold.


I brought it home, assembled it, frozen some bananas and got to work. You cut the bananas in half before you freeze them so they go down the shoot easier. Before blending, you take the bananas out of the freezer to thaw for about 10 minutes. Then, you turn on the blades, put the bananas down the shoot, use the inside arm device to press it down and BOOM! Soft serve ice cream!

The consistency is exactly like the soft serve from the ice cream stand. The taste is like bananas but has a really great velvety mouth feel. Being a bland fruit, the bananas provide a good vehicle for flavorings and toppings, but also tastes just as good alone.


You can add other frozen fruit to the shoot with the bananas, but it is advised to mix in toppings like peanut butter or chocolate after the bananas have extruded. My first bowl was peanut butter and fluff flavored.


Other mix-ins I enjoy are chocolate chunks and granola. The granola addition makes me feel like I could have this for breakfast during the summer.

It is really easy to clean, but I would advise to take apart the machine and scrape it out after extruding what you want to eat because some of the banana ice cream stays inside the machine. Overall, well worth the (very cheap) price!

Have you ever tried Yonanas?



  1. Oh girl you KNOW I love everything about this post! I’m actually drinking a banana smoothie as we speak, which puts me up to about 3 bananas so far today, and it’s only lunch time πŸ˜‰ I’ve never tried the YOnanas machine, but I do love my banana soft serve so it might be something to look into!

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