Lincoln Up #8 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to Lincoln Up #8, the best article I’ve read this past week. Enjoy, learn something, laugh.



10 Wellness Trends To Watch in 2015 :: I am really excited to see some of these take off!

What is Fatigue? :: “Marcora believes that this limit is probably never truly reached—that fatigue is simply a balance between effort and motivation, and that the decision to stop is a conscious choice rather than a mechanical failure.”



8 Reasons Why Choosing a Vegan Diet May Not Be Right For You :: I see some of the points on this one…

Former Burger King Chairman Renounces Meat :: Brian Swette (also a board member of PepsiCo) creates a new line of vegan meats!



Loosen Tight Knots: A How-To Guide :: For those of us who tie knots in our plastic bags and then have to rip the bags to get them back open rendering them useless, this is the solution!

The More Gay People Talk, The More Support They Receive



What All Runners Need to Know About Heart Health

Shalane Flanagan Sounds Off Against Doping :: I really hope she can win Boston next year! Legally.

What’s Really Behind Those Cramps? :: Ben answers some common questions about a runner’s worst nightmare: the cramp

Is The Paleo Diet Good For Endurance Athlete? :: I still believe in the good ol’ carbohydrates to fuel my exercise



I Heart My City :: A beautiful account of why Ithaca is so gorges.



18 Badass Women You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2014  :: I love Tay Swift as much as anyone, but anything she’s done pales in comparison to these women

A Fight 20 Years In The Making Comes to Capital Hill :: Just label the darn product if GMOs are safe. That is all.

Kale Wins Battle v. Chick-Fil-A :: Eat more kale, it’s delicious in fried form.


13 Facts That Justify Your Love of Peanut Butter :: Because yum!


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