Life updates

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Worpress greeted me this morning with a new layout so I am navigating that as I post this. I haven’t done a post about what is striking my fancy as the holidays get into full swing. I think I am in holiday mode (I’ve been listening to Christmas music since Thanksgiving). I decorated the tree at my parent’s house on Sunday (WHAT?!) and am done Christmas shopping for my immediate family. Is it ok to have “accidentally” read the book I’m going to be giving to my grandmother? I wasn’t planning on it, but the temptation was too vast for me…the book is still in pristine condition so she’ll never know. I liken it to when you bake for someone and sample it yourself first to make sure everything is delicious.


Yes, I went to my parent’s house and decorated the tree with my dad, older brother and younger sister. Sunday I worked till 2pm and had loose plans afterwards to get to Barnes and Nobel to finish reading a book about 80/20 running. About halfway through my shift my sister texted me saying I should come help decorate the tree. I said I had no gas in my car (it was true) as I drove an hour both ways to the 5K we did together the night before (yes, my sister and I did a race together…mind=blown). She told me to fill up my tank. I proceeded to tell her that it costs money to do that. She texted me back saying my older brother would give me $20 bucks. I was basically sold. What could it hurt to help decorate a tree and get money toward filling up my tank. So I went. My sister and I put up the lights and we all put ornaments on. Well, my mom was gone and my dad just sat there and watched occasionally commenting like he does. It was nice. My mom came home just as I was leaving so I got to say hello to her too. It feels less toxic at home because I know I can leave whenever I want. Maybe things are looking up.



Speaking of money, I just found out I still have a rather large student loan to pay. That means one thing…no coaching for the time being. I was spending a chunk of money each month (that I figured into my monthly expenditures and opened a separate bank account for) to have a professional give me workouts and advice. Well, I cannot pay for both and one is more pressing than the other. It also means I will not be able to take any classes because unless you are a fulltime students, the bills keep on rolling. The plan for now is to keep working fulltime at my job, do other projects I like on the side and see where life takes me. I still plan to do a spring race, I just won’t be directly coached. It’s kind of a bummer because he is a great guy and has given me great advice. When I explained to him my predicament, he was very understanding and said he would continue to help me if I had any questions. I plan to go back to him when funding will allow.

I have not been cooking as much as assembling as of late because I have not gone grocery shopping. I am doing a three month challenge at work. Besides almond milk and nut butter,Β I am going to try and survive on the food I get from work. I will also allow condiments and things like salt, but that’s it. It’s been about a week and things are going swimmingly.Β I have eaten a lot of hummus, but it’s a staple food for me and I would be making it anyway if I didn’t if I didn’t get it for free. I also have three dozen bagels in my freezer which have been delicious.

Well, time to get on with my day.

Have you ever done a grocery challenge?

Do you like family holidays?


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