WIAW [Grocery challenge]

My grocery challenge is well underway. I have been loving the food given to me at work even though it’s basically the same thing everyday! Some type of hummus, a bagel or wrap, salad bar veggies and pasta salad. You really cannot go wrong here.

MY friend Andrew gave me a bag of kale that I have been trying to incorporate into my meals. I only like kale in two forms: smoothie or fried. This morning I was in the mood for plain almond milk to balance out the sweetness of the pb&j on my english muffin. I had never blended plain kale into plain almond milk. It will certainly not substitute for my normal smoothie, but it was like a milky salad…which sounds gross typing that out, but actually went well with the muffin.



For lunch I made a burrito with avocado, black beans, sautΓ©ed onions, spinach, banana peppers and sprouts. On the side I had some balsamic glazed veggies



I usually like juice very much. My favorite brand is the Naked juices because they are so thick and good. This juice was just ok. A bit too tart and too thin for my taste. It was free so I am not devastated about it πŸ™‚



For dinner I made a bagel sandwich with seitan, spicy chipotle hummus and tomato. On the side I had some carrots, and a veggie couscous. The couscous is made with cinnamon and is slightly sweet. It is one of if not my favorite pasta salads we have on the salad bar. I don’t really like pasta, so I’m happy to have found on I like.


[MEAL 4]

This is an almond butter and dark chocolate tart from the Hail Mary vegan dessert company. It is not too sweet, deliciously dense and good. I also had a bowl of yonanas with this but I forgot to snap a picture.


Has anyone just blended almond milk with kale?

Anyone else want to do a grocery challenge?


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