TOL [My go-to workout and podcast]

Work today was so much better than yesterday I could not find anything to rant about out loud.


Yesterday I got called in on my day off.

Yesterday we were short staffed.

Yesterday was very busy and unorganized.

Yesterday I asked to leave because I was getting testy with another co-worker and I didn’t want it to escalate.

Today everything seemed to flow, we had enough staff and there was a good mix of customers and down time to get everything done and not feel like time was dragging. I also got to leave a half hour early. Not a bad deal!

My run this morning was both really taxing and satisfying. It was the first time I did my “go-to” six mile workout in about two weeks because I had been trying to find my zone 1 heart rate. This workout includes mile repeats at race pace for one mile and then above it for a mile alternating for six miles. Looking back at my training journal, I usually do get very tired after this workout, but I was surprised anyway. Getting used to slower paces means I am not completely spent by the end. Today, I was done after the last mile.


These workouts are important in training because they teach the legs how to go faster, and then recover at a pace faster than a jog. The legs get used to fatigue and become more efficient and able to slow down without completely switching aerobic zones. That’s my theory at least πŸ™‚ Slow running has it’s place (a very large place in fact) in my training now because I see how it allows for active recovery from hard efforts. The past two weeks have taught me that my recovery pace is too fast. I was still in Z2 or 3 instead of Z1, a true recovery pace.



I have been listening to a new podcast called Serial which is produced by This American Life. Over the course of a season of shows, the podcast recounts a closed murder case. A reporter learns of the details of the case and begins to reinvestigate because the loose ends do not add up. I am only on episode 4 and am drawn in to all the facts, inconsistencies and witness reports. If you’ve never listened to a podcast, this is a great one to start with. The best way to do it is either while running, or after an exhausting day when all you want to do is close your eyes and rest without sleeping.

How do you deal with a tough day at work?

What is your “go-to” workout?


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