Lincoln Up #9 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to Lincoln Up #9! I’m about to eat lunch so there isn’t much of an intro today. I found so many articles this week that if I really went for it, there might be twenty to read! Make sure you get over to Amanda’s blog to check out some other great link-ups!



Get More Out Of Your Run :: How to address and overcome easy things to make running more enjoyable and effective.

Better Push-ups for Better Running :: The push-up says more about how you run than you might realize.

0.0 Philly Instant Gratification Mile :: Because who doesn’t love the after party?!



15 Vintage Photos of Nuns Doing Normal Things :: This sounds like Maria Von Trapp (please see The Sound Of Music)

Beard Decorating for The Holidays :: A how-to guide for the fellas to get festive!

Overheard At Whole Foods :: If only everyone said things like this, life would be either really progressive or really pretentious.



NYS BANNED FRACKING!! :: My friend Andrew was at the Ithaca protest!

Local Ithaca Barman is An Argentinian Celebrity! :: I love going to this restaurant for the potato pancakes…who knew the guy making my drinks could also sing me sweet lullabys?



How You Start Loving In The Face of Self-Loathing :: I enjoy articles like these because they provide applicable thought provoking arguments against self-hatred.

Your Gym Is Messing With Your Health :: A look at Planet Fitness and their investment in your health.

15 Health Trends You Shouldn’t Ditch in 2015 :: Fad or not, don’t give these up.

Where Does Fat Go When You LoseΒ Weight?Β :: I had no idea you literally “breathe fat away”!



Vegan diets, Cancer and Disease Shaming :: The Vegan RD provides answers to the haters who claim that if veganism was a proper diet, vegans should never get sick.



Skip Palm Tree Oil To Fight Climate ChangeΒ :: Cheap crap actually costs a lot.

Swimsuit Competition Nixed from Miss America Pageant :: Good idea? You be the judge.


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