Ellie’s Big Bowl

Is it crazy that it’s Christmas Eve? It’s actually crazier to me that it’s 40 degrees outside so I ran to the gym in shorts and a tank today. Of course, I wore a hot and gloves too…I didn’t want to go completely bare.


Some of the most fascinating vegans I’ve ever met are men in construction or EMT that are stereotypically “bigger” and “more manly” than the rest of the population (disclosure…there is so much wrong with that statement, but you get my drift?) What I mean is that because they are bigger and expend more energy than the rest of us, they require more calories. A big argument against the vegan industry is getting enough protein or calories in general. Rip Esselstyn is one such fire fighter. His is the son ofΒ Caldwell Esselstyn, made famous by the movie Forks Over Knives. Rip adopted a plant-based diet as a triathlete due being introduced to animal rights and the relation to health by his father. After retiring from triathlon, he became a fire fighter and ended up doing an overhaul of the crew’s diet. They actually saved a man’s life who if continuing on the standard American diet would have died.

Rip wrote a book called My Beef With Meat. It is one of the most to the point, easy to read and delicious vegan book/cookbooks I’ve ever read. He makes the whole plant-based/vegan movement easy to understand and make sense. At the end of the book he has a few plant based recipes that he makes for himself, his family and the fire crew. The easiest is called “Rip’s Big Bowl” containing cereal, oats, nuts and seeds.


Every once in a while, I get the hankering for something outside of a pb&j&banana wrap for breakfast. I came up with my own version of a Rip’s bowl when I made pancake mix…but was too creative and it fell apart. Ended up microwaving the rest and got a great moist muffin bowl with the results.

This bowl has veggies, nut butter and a sweetness of protein powder. If you use coconut flour, it is even gluten free!

Ellie’s Big Bowl

1/3 c almond milk

2 handfuls spinach

1/3 c flour (I used coconut flour)

1/3 c (or one scoop) vanilla protein powder

1 t baking powder

Nut butter and jelly for topping

Blend the almond milk and spinach until smooth. Mix all the dry ingredients in the bowl you’re going to microwave in. Incorporate the wet with the dry until thoroughly combined. Microwave for 2 minutes, check the middle, microwave again for 30 seconds. (I usually omit the last thirty seconds because I love the gooey middle. Top with your favorite nut butter and jelly. Enjoy with a big glass of almond milk to coconut water!

big bowl

How are you spending Christmas Eve?

What is your favorite “bowl”?


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