Nothing like a 5 mile tempo on Christmas

But really, this run felt great!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating today!


I found this article on Twitter this morning on the 5 Superfoods Jesus Ate Regularly!

No wonder they have magic powers!

My day started super early. I was wide awake at 2:30AM. I mean WIDE awake! I should have offered Santa a hand. So after laying in my bed for a half hour, I decided to use this energy for my scheduled 5 mile tempo run.

The workout totaled 7 miles and pace was average 7:29 including warm up and cool down. My 5 at tempo averaged about 6:50. It felt pretty good and like I could keep going if need be. I would love to be able to sustain that pace for a half or full marathon, but I won’t get ahead of myself.

How am IΒ celebrating?

I am going to my parent’s house here shortly to open gifts and relax. We always have a big Christmas dinner and this year I successfully asked my mom to make spaghetti so I could enjoy the feast as well. She was great and obliged. I just love her homemade tomato sauce and am really looking forward to it. I supplied the rosemary focaccia bread sticks. I really slaved for those…(thanks CTB!)


Later this afternoon I have plans with my friend Jill (remember those muffins?!) to go to the movies to see Wild. We’ve both read the book and by then will both be “familied” out πŸ™‚


How are you celebrating?



  1. AHHAHA TWINS!! I woke up early and jumped RIGHT ON THE TREADMILL! I didn’t do any tempo, and kept it at 5 miles (with some incline walking too) but still. ANNNDD WE ARE having spag tonight!! HAHA. I haven’t had spaghetti in forever and I am so excited.

    Enjoy Wild, I loved it!

    • Wild was great and so was the spaghetti! I had another plate of it for dinner! My mom’s sauce is so good! I need an IV drip of it.

  2. Hope you had a great Christmas, Ellie! I hope the spaghetti was good! Also, let me know how you liked Wild. I read the book last year and absolutely LOVED it. I can’t wait to see the movie πŸ™‚

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