Being sisters on Christmas

It’s no secret that my sister and I have had our differences. I’ve shared at length about how I feel about her actions toward me in the past. That ends today.


Yesterday I had the best Christmas I could remember since I was a child. The best part was my little sister. She has almost done a 180 degree turn around from this summer. I’ve changed as well. We are both different in a way that can work, we just needed to find that way. Like a married couple, opposites can attract.

She has invited me to do things with her for the past month. We haven’t fought over anything. We both avoid topics of conversation in which we disagree because we both realize they do not matter. There are things we do agree on and we focus on those. That is the way we have found a relationship.

She made me this board (it weighs like forty pounds I swear) and wanted to take pictures of the two of us together with it. SHE wanted to be in a picture with ME! I was blown away and felt like maybe she likes having me around. I acted natural and not surprised she wanted to be in pictures with me. I acted like that’s what we should do.


I don’t have to act anymore. We have “faked it” till it worked. I do not have to put on a fake smile anymore. I am genuinely happy to see her and my family.

I am blessed. I hope this feeling never ends.

Merry Christmas (Happy Boxing Day?) to everyone!



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