Lincoln Up #10 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

I’ve got some GREAT articles for you this week! It has been a wonderful holiday season for me both at work and with family. My friends are all back now so we’re all swinging back into the after Christmas bustle. Have a great Sunday!



7 Awesome Things You Can Only Really Do On Sunday :: An excuse to be lazy? An extra pat on the back for getting out of bed? Yes please!

How Stores Use Holiday Gift Guides :: Who else uses the holiday gift guide and discounts to get stuff for themselves? Guilty. Not sorry.

Weird Things People Have Asked Librarians :: I hope the gun that shot President Kennedy hasn’t been returned!



Force-fed Foie Gras Loses Favor In France :: Thank God the French finally realize tortured duck liver is not right.

Do Cows MooΒ Distress From Factory Farms?Β :: It’s time for studies on animals to fess up, they think, feel and are distinctive from one another…just like humans!

Orangutan Freed From Zoo After Being Granted Basic Rights :: Go Argentina!

Eating Our Way To Heaven :: “What we will be are a people of true Communion with all creation, not a people who draw arbitrary lines down our interstates and dinner plates, placing a higher value on the life God breathed into us over the life God breathed into them.”



29 Non-Americans on The American Food They Find Disgusting :: The number one thing is cheese, yet that is the one argument most Americans have for not going vegan.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Real Food?Β :: This is especially true in nutrient deserts where the only grocery store is the gas station.

The 10 Commandments Of Quackery :: Don’t fall for these in your New Year

Is It Ever Ok To Lie And Say “I Love You” :: James Altucher makes some compelling arguments for and against…and then admits he still doesn’t know, it’s for each to decide for yourself.

I Eat Wheat :: I love Mind Body Musings for thoughtful posts like these.



Cinemapolis to Show The Interview :: Hopefully North Korea won’t be too angry my hometown will be showing the Sony hacked blockbuster!



Food and Drinks That Help (or hurt) Your Running :: Pass the chocolate…but not the chocolate beer 😦

One Obvious Technique For Getting Faster That Runner’s Ignore :: KEEP A JOURNAL! Matt shows you how!



Studies Suggest Human’s Skeleton More Fragile With Farming :: I respect farmers completely, but just because they farm does not mean they get a pass on healthy eating and exercise.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Explained In A Text :: It’s the holidays, so enjoy some sugar, just be mindful and know what you’re eating.


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