Blogging Goals 2015

1.) Work on my photography

I recently found my old orange Olympus camera that I bought as a graduation present to myself back in 2009. It still works, it have taken some great pictures and the resolution is much better than my phone. I like the convenience of my phone camera because I always have it on me. The shots I take however, are less than what I want. This year, I would like to carry my camera with me more often and get my pictures from there. To me, having only two or three pictures per post that are great is better than having more just because I had my phone with me.

2.) Make my posts more concise

I have a habit of going into my family history a lot when I refer to them at all. That might be because so many bloggers have great familial relationships, so not having a great family bond encourages me to explain my family situation every time they come up. In the future, I don’t want to refer to any old family stuff. These things do not define me now. I have moved on and our relationships are looking up. I need to remember that if people really want to know, I have an “About Me” page.

3.) Keep a better training log

The easiest and most useful thing a runner can do is keep a training log (ok, and remember to buy new shoes after 500 miles). The reasons to do this are many. I feel accomplished after a successful week. Additionally, if I have a bad training day, looking back gives me confidence that bad days happen and many good days are to come. If I get injured, I can look at the few weeks before the workout to see if I can identify a problem to resolve and avoid in the future. It keeps me accountable to my goals. If I want to run a marathon, following a plan and being honest to that plan is a sure way to finish that race.

4.) Comment on more blogs

You guys are great writers! I love reading everything most people post because they are real (most often), raw and I can relate. I love getting feedback on my posts even if it’s just a “This looks yummy!” or a simple “I have felt the same way sometimes.” I am a complete culprit of reading many blogs, thinking something like “This is such great information!!” and then not commenting. That blogger can only continue to produce good content if they know what they are writing resonates. I would like to comment on more blogs this year because you deserve it.

5.) Learn to use all the WordPress features

In addition to being great writers, all the blogs I read are beautifully designed and utilized. I can tell you all have spent time messing things up and then making them better by learning the WordPress software. I am designing a website for my mother’s business and so learning HTML and plug-ins would be very useful. I want to make time this year to learn all the little things that blogs have that make them great.

6.) Get my friend Erin to start a blog

This girl is AMAZING! She is basically my other self located in the next state over. We just get each other like nothing else. She gives me such great advice, asks thought provoking questions and is just overall wonderful. She has begun to experiment with cooking and the things she describes sound so DELICIOUS! She is also a bada** runner and Zumba girl who inspires me everyday. It is my goal to get her to start her own blog. YOU WILL DO THIS!

This post is pretty photo void (I need to buy a cable to connect my camera to my computer) so here is little Mateo explaining to Linda why he needs cupcakes for dinner.




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