New Year (Daily, Weekly and Long-term) Goals [TOL]

I’m a big fan of having goals. New Years Day is a great way to motivate people into beginning something new or reflect on thing’s they may have neglected. It’s a time when everyone feels refreshed and more able to make change.


To me, New Years causes me to be more vocal about goals. I am the type of person who makes daily goals, weekly goals and long term goals all the time. A daily goal might be to not snap at a co-worker who makes thing difficult. A weekly goal might be to eat up all the food in my fridge before it goes bad. A long term goal might be to improve my flexibility and running economy.

In order to achieve my long term goals, I build daily and weekly goals into them to insure success. This may be 10 minutes of mobility work each day or one making one run a week a “conscious” run where I focus on nothing other that foot strike.

I find that on this day, people tend to set long term goals like “Eat more healthfully” or “Be nicer” without actually thinking what the daily and weekly goals may entail. This year, I have one long term goal and want to blog once a week about how that is going and what I am doing to achieve that goal.

word cloud for year 2015

My big goal of the year is to start a business during the summer selling Yonanas. I’ve blogged about my Yonanas machine before and believe it may hold the key to vegan activism, healthy eating, delicious snacks and some extra cash for me.


This week, my goal is to research what products I would need to start this business, how much they cost and whether this is practical. If I find in my research that it is not, I will make a different long-term goal.

Kudos to Amanda at Spoons for hosting the TOL link-up (perfect for New Years!)



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