Lincoln Up #11 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Happy Sunday everyone! Does anyone else feel like it’s been the weekend for the past week? Those holidays get me every year. Today’s collection of posts features some great pieces about what is to come in 2015, how we can all move past 2014 and make 2015 different. My 2014 was pretty great so I’m not necessarily making any changes in 2015 to better myself (although I do agree that small improvements make for an overall better existence). In 2015, I want to continue in my vegan activism and continue being happy with my life. I am always open to different life paths, but no longer consider any style of living better or worse than others. If I finish my degree this year, great! If not, so be it. I have learned to be happy with where I’m at, whatever that may be. If I totally change my job, awesome! If I am still at CTB next year, that’s wonderful too because I feel blessed to have that job. Could there be a boy in 2015? SWEET! If not, I have accepted myself as just that, myself. 2015 is going to be more about being content with where I am at and open to change as long as my happiness remains the same.

Lincoln Up

With that loooooooooooong intro, here are my favorite links of the week!



Pope Francis Encourages Citizens To Take Action On Global Warming :: I’m really starting to like this pope and his culturally relevant ideas. He acts like he lives in this century which is very refreshing!

32 Brilliant Retro Style Illustrations That Show What’s Wrong With Society :: I always need to remember that my ego should not be defined by blog subscribers, Facebook friends or Instagram likes.

Boston Is Eager to Begin Marathon Trial and End It :: “Ms. Clarke, who is preparing a defense that casts her client as having been manipulated by his older brother, Tamerlan, has made overtures to prosecutors about a plea bargain, according to a lawyer close to the case.”



10 Things We Can All Learn From Animals :: I’ve learn from my best friend’s cats that if you’re owner threatens to murder you, look cute and her friend will come and save you (yes, I am speaking to you Sterling!)

Ariana Grande Explains Why She’s Vegan :: I don’t follow many celebrities (ok…none) know they have a big impact. If she can encourage more people a adopt a plant based diet, I’ll listen to her music.

The Meat Eating Boxer :: Is he really weaker when he includes it?



Slight Alcohol Intoxication Leads To Creative Thinking :: I should tell my dad this!

8 Superfoods You Can Mix Into Any Dish :: SEEDS SEEDS and more SEEDS!

Detox: What they don’t want you to know :: Who new detoxing stems from the religious practice of purification?

Why Not Take Advice From a Fat GP? They’re Only Human :: I’ve had this thought from time to time and have convinced myself that you never know what someone is struggling with, weight included.



15 Places You Can Tour Virtually :: I’ve always wanted to take vacations without paying money…or moving…while eating truffles!

Food Trends We Do Not Want To See in :: Down with pumpkin spice, paleo and children’s cooking competitions!!

The Ultimate Guide For Becoming An Idea Machine :: Time to exercise your idea muscle! (Write them down!)

10 Ways to Redefine Your Resolutions :: I love the 333 concept, but I think I do this already…it’s actually a problem because I have beautiful clothes I don’t wear.



The Supershort Workout Trend :: 2015 needs to be the year of the LSD, the Long, Slow, Distance

Athleisure: Beyoncé + Topshop :: I’m glad my practice of dressing in sweats and a sports bra outside of the gym is finally taking hold. Now I’m fashionable, not just lazy.

I Ran 160 Miles Home for Christmas :: This makes the 5 miles I ran on Christmas look easy-peasy. The best way to raise money is to do something that you love.



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